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    The last name of Deyermond is pretty rare and if you're a Deyermond you have probably
looked into whatever phone book is available when you visit other cities in the hope that you'd
find the name.  It's pretty hard to find, but it will be easier with each successive generation.
So where does the name come from?  Well, the short answer is - don't know, maybe someone
else in the family has evidence of the origins but so far I've only gotten hand-me-down stories
and have only been able to trace it farther back in Ireland.  There is some evidence that it
comes from France in the 1600's, then again other evidence points to it being a native Irish
name, and then I found a website that claims it's a variant of an old Scottish name.  Since
records are hard to come by for years before 1800 and given that illiteracy was rampant until
the twentieth century we may never know exactly where the name originated.   For now I'm
stuck in Ireland at about 1732 with William and Agnes Deyermond, whose descendants appear
to have either stayed in Ireland or headed to Albany, NY and Lancaster, PA.  Although I have
found a John Deyermond in Philadelphia in the late 1600's, as a runaway indentured servant.
Tracing this name is difficult due to there only being a handful of first names generally used by
the family until the twentieth century when more names were added to the mix.  Try tracing
John who married an Elizabeth; they had a son John who also married an Elizabeth and then
they had a son John... you get the idea.

    If you are a Deyermond and are looking for help or would be willing to help with this
genealogy please let me know.  Am willing to exchange information for information.
Because this is a site with sensitive family information I have chosen to make it a closed site
and access will be restricted to those I know, without a doubt, are family.  

    Email addresses available for family members who would like a address,
they can be accessed through  You will need to create a Yahoo username to access
mail via the web or if you would prefer to access mail strictly through your phone (but with
much less control) and/or home computer via Outlook you wouldn't need a Yahoo name.



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